Meriser Oy - MERIKA

Meriser Ltd. was founded by Hannu Kuusinen on 13 May, 1965, originally by the name of Merikarvian Vesi- ja Lämpöhuolto Lp. The name was changed to Meriser Lp. in 1980 and Meriser Ltd. in 1996. The company was initially involved in pipeline contractors and the sale of HVAC equipment.

Hannu Kuusinen developed his first own product in 1971, which was a HK rubber seal in the siphon that would connect to a sewer system. It was manufactured by subcontractors. Even today, the product is a market leader in seals.

The company’s own industrial manufacturing started in 1984 by acquiring a first injection molding machine for a new industrial hall, which had been built in the previous year. That is when the company started to produce floor drains and related items as its own products. Floor drains had been manufactured by contractors already since 1976.

Today, the products manufactured by Meriser include different type-approved floor drains and vacuum valves. The product range also includes rainwater drains, square lids, build up rings, toilet spare parts and municipal infrastructure wells, etc. Meriser has about 2,000 items of its own and about 200 related patents, utility model protections and design protections.

Meriser is known for its continuous R&D efforts and its high quality Merika products. Product development work is done continuously with VTT, which tests and monitors product quality and functionality.

The company has approximately 2,500 square meters of production, storage and office space. Meriser is a major employer in the municipality of Merikarvia, and has about 20 workers.

Meriser is also involved in import and export.

For several years, Meriser has been part of the best AAA credit rating, classified by Dun & Bradstreet.